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Garry Rowan
1980 - 2007


Our Story










In 1970, Garry Rowan, a teacher in Ottawa, purchased some land  in Petawawa Township from Vince and Mary Pranke with dreams of developing a golf course.  After 10 years of clearing the land, designing the layout, and developing the holes,  Roanoke Golf Course opened as a nine hole venue in 1980.

The Clubhouse in the early years, was a small wooden structure that was staffed part time. Many rounds of golf were played on the honour system of leaving your green fees at the Clubhouse when the staff was working elsewhere. In 1985, the current Clubhouse was constructed and officially opened the next season in1986.

In the early 1990s, course expansion began with the purchase of an additional 50 acres from the Dombroskie farm.  Five more holes were gradually added for a total of fourteen playing holes. The first four holes were repeated during the round using different tees, to make an eighteen hole course. By 1998, the remaining holes were completed to make Roanoke an "official" eighteen hole course.

The course was purchased by Ed Chow and his family in 2007. Well known throughout the area for his work in the community and his business endeavours, Ed continued Garry's commitment to promoting golf in the area to all players of all skill levels.

The year 2018, saw the transfer of  ownership to Chad and Katie Paquette. With a youthful vigour and a burgeoning passion for the game, Chad and Katie have vowed to keep the course a fun and active part of the community. A place where everyone can come and play in a stress free environment, regardless of calibre.

After more than forty years of existence, the legacy of Roanoke continues to evolve to this day. Countless rounds played with various people, some who have passed on, have provided fond memories. All of these special times help to tell the rich history of a tract of land in Petawawa, where many laughs, the odd curse word, and a few libations have made Roanoke what it is today.


Edwin and  Cory Chow


Chad and Katie Paquette
2018 - 

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